About Me

Hello there…thank you for visiting my blog site. All are welcome here. Since I will be writing to you, I suppose you should know a little about who I am:

In summary, I am a woman whose life has been redeemed, redeemed by the blood of Jesus, who became the lamb of God for our behalf. Not only did Jesus rescue my soul from an eternity without him… He also saved my life. For the purposes of anonymity, I will not reveal my name, but I will sign my blog posts simply as “Lady Redeemed”. I am a worship leader, a poet, a deep thinker, in addition to being a lover of the one who redeemed my soul. It is my hope that I might, perhaps inspire you in this journey that I am on in seeking the heart of the Father. I believe in the power of who Jesus is, and am persuaded that his truth, through the work of His Holy Spirit, is able to penetrate even the hardest of hearts, and heal the deepest of wounds. He has healed me, and held me, and shown the truth to a pair of blinded eyes. He can do the same for you….join me on this journey and together we will venture into the very heart of God as he reveals Himself, and be changed by His glory. Let’s go fall deeper and deeper in love with Jesus, and watch as He changes the world, and our own hearts. For He promises that when we seek Him we will find Him….when we find him, we will never be the same….

~ Lady Redeemed