Poem: I promise

I promise not to leave you, when the world turns dark and gray

I promise you that soon my dear, it won’t be this way.

I promise not to leave you, on the days when you are scared

And to patiently remind you of all the love we’ve shared.

I promise not to leave you, cause I told you I would stay

Even when you’re mean to me, and pushing me away.

I promise I’ll see past your fears to the little girl inside

But I promise not to leave you there, for you were never made to hide.

But I understand your hiding, so should you feel the need

We can go and hide together, just please don’t hide from me.

I promise I’ll come after you should you ever turn and run,

And to always love you wildly no matter what you’ve done.

I promise you that one day soon you’ll finally understand,

And even if you tried you could never leave my hand.

And should you start to tremble at the torment of the past,

I’ll hold you tight up to my chest for as long as it shall last.

I’ll let you feel the beating of my always steady heart,

The one that’s beat with love for you from the very start.

I promise that you’ll never come and find an empty well

And there is always enough room for you to come and dwell.

I promise not to change like the ebbing of the tide,

And to always be your shelter as you walk this life.

I promise to walk with you until the very end,

And even death won’t part us, for I defeated Him.

There’s no need to be afraid now, come, let’s get up off the floor.

For you only have to bow to the everlasting Lord.

Come now and be the strong girl that you were made to be,

But worry not my darling, you’ll be walking in my strength

Why do you cower, child, when you were made to lead?

Who put those scales upon your eyes so you could not clearly see?

You’re a lion in the making, and I’ll teach you how to roar,

For in you lives the Spirit of the everlasting Lord.

I am the truth, the life, the way, and I’ve promised not to leave

Come now, and take your courage…we’re forever, you and me.

A poem of the Lord’s promise to me. Friend I promise there is hope for you, and there is healing. There is grace that never runs out. Just as He has promised me He has promised you. You will never go to Him and find an empty well, He will never say that He is too busy and He will always have time for you. Come and take your rest weary one. Become as a child again, and let Him give you a bath in grace and compassion. Let Him wrap you up and make you feel the safety you’ve been longing for. Jesus loves you, and He’s never going to leave. Fear not, He will teach you bravery. He will teach you just as He is teaching me, to ROAR.

With very great love,

~Lady Redeemed


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