Poem: Longing and Feasting

There’s a longing deep inside me

that only you can fill

So take me as you find me,

And use me as you will.

There’s nothing that can satisfy but your glory Lord

But you are great and I am weak, such love I can’t afford.

Still, I believe that price was paid far back on Calvary

Where you gave your life, the sinless One, that you might rescue me.

A holy war was waged, your conquest was my heart.

And now I see it clearly Lord, I was chosen from the start.

But I’ve rejected such a grace, I’ve run away from you…

I’ve uttered devotion from my lips, but it flees with morning dew.

Yet still you call me, patient one…and as you bid I come!

Your kindness irresistible, like the shining of the sun.

So come again Lord Jesus, and fill me up inside.

You promised you would fill my cup…see here? It’s running dry.

Bind me this time Father, put fetters round my heart…

For I’m like a bride unfaithful, that you give another start.

Give me more, sweet lover…romance me even in my dreams

That I might be a yielding tree, fed always by your stream.

Feed me from your palm as a Shepherd feeds a lamb…

anoint my head and carry me, till I can walk again.

Yet scarcely do I wish to walk, for fear I’ll trot away…

Distracted by some lesser thing…so quickly led astray.

But my saving Shepherd chases, and finds me once again.

How could I take for granted such an everlasting friend.

I’ve tasted lesser portions Lord, but they never satisfy.

They fail and leave me lonely, after they’ve drained me dry.

So here I am again Lord, I heard you calling me

To come and eat of purest joy as you lay out the a feast.

Like mil to babes and soldiers meat,

Your Word still satisfies.

For in it you reveal yourself, to sinners such as I.

Now here in this place you stretch out your hand, and I’m fed as a wayward calf

For I am as Ephraim, your darling child, meant for grace instead of wrath.

My belly’s growing full now, as I eat of grace again.

But please stay with me Jesus, I don’t want the love to end.

Come now Lord, speak to your love, and sing a lullaby.

Come lead me in the meadows as I play with butterflies.

I love you Savior Shepherd, you’re everything I need.

I’m drinking of the greatest love…and never want to leave.

~Lady Redeemed

A poem of longing and feasting…as we long in hunger for His holiness and love and He sets out a feast, even when our hearts are wayward.


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